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  • What can I do to improve the success of Contouring treatments?
    -FOLLOW AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! THEY MATTER -Drinking at least your body weight in ounces or water daily -Getting 30 min of exercise daily -Avoiding simple (white) sugar -Avoiding alcohol consumption -Avoid meals 2 hours before and 2 hours after treatments -For abdomen: waist training or wearing abdominal compression at least 4 hours per day -Detox
  • Who is not a candidate for Body Contouring Services?
    Although there are many methods to provide non-invasive contouring services, some conditions are a contraindication for the majority of modalities. Pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension, seizures, cancer, implanted devices (pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, etc.), Heart conditions, Kidney disease, any illness that affects you lymphatic system or immune system, Disorders affecting heat or cold tolerance, Photosensitivity, Current or recent chemotherapy treatment, Steroid treatment, antibiotic treatment. Please discuss any health issues with your technician prior to services.
  • Will I lose weight from Body Contouring sessions
    The methods used are designed to spot reduce stubborn fat deposits. This may not cause a change in weight but will improve the appearance of the treatment area. Adopting new habits suggested in aftercare instructions can lead to weight loss. If you want to also focus on weight loss, we offer weight loss solutions that include products and meal plans.
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